Chilli recipes

If you’re anything like us here at The Birdhouse, then you must love cooking with chillies. But for every different chilli, there are dozens of amazing recipes to try.

This is where you’ll find our archive of tried and tested Birdhouse Chillies recipes. We hope you enjoy trying them out too, and if you do be sure to tell us how you got on and what you think.

  • Morrocan Spiced Lamb
    Like a tagine, only cooked in whatever pot you have to hand. A whole shelf of wonderful store cupboard ingredients make this recipe deep, smokey, rich and utterly unctuous. As firey or sweet with chilli as you would like: just add more of the hot stuff to ramp up the heat. This rich stew can … Continue reading Morrocan Spiced Lamb
  • Vegan/GF Cauliflower Katsu Curry
    Katsu curry: crazy Japanese, French, Indian hybrid of a dish. Panko coated, pan fried escallops of anything you could possibly imagine: beef, pork, chicken, Tofu, veggies, and in our case, cauliflower. Smothered in a velvety blanket of sweet, savoury, spicy and creamy curry sauce. Think of curry sauce on chips…think of a creamy Korma…think of … Continue reading Vegan/GF Cauliflower Katsu Curry
  • Aromatic Lamb Meatballs
    We’re still in comfort food season in the UK. There may be sunshine during the day but the nights are cooler and a hearty dish is just the ticket. Meat doesn’t happen every day at The Birdhouse so when it does it is given careful consideration from beginning to end. An unexpected sunny evening has … Continue reading Aromatic Lamb Meatballs
  • Tangy Prawn and Coconut Curry
    It’s a bank holiday weekend and we are cooking on an Aga. Life is pretty good. So, what to cook? OK, how about something with chilli? Sure thing! Gather and prepare the ingredients before you start as the cooking of this dish is fast and furious. Make your chilli and spice selection. Will it be … Continue reading Tangy Prawn and Coconut Curry
  • Lime & Chilli Curd
    Here we are on a blustery March Saturday afternoon in Hampshire. After an erratic Winter, the chickens have come into full lay at The Birdhouse. Huzzah! Normally that means eight eggs every day. But the neighbours are away and this results in the luxury of their eggs too. So twelve eggs a day. That’s a … Continue reading Lime & Chilli Curd
  • Lamb Pulao
    Friendly warning… This is not a recipe for the time poor…or those who like one-pot dishes…or folk who enjoy a jar of sauce as the backbone of their curries…or someone who is really hungry right now. No, not for them. Fair warning has been issued. Lamb Pulao is a slow, luxurious layering of phenomenal flavours, … Continue reading Lamb Pulao
  • Homegrown, homemade, chilli and squash soup
    February soups at The Birdhouse are typically thick enough to put hairs on your chest. Hearty and wholesome, they keep you going through the gloom when you’d rather dive under the duvet as soon as the sun sets. However, the weather in the UK has been a little odd over the last week or so. … Continue reading Homegrown, homemade, chilli and squash soup
  • Sweet Chillies for Valentine’s Day
    We have four rocoto (Capsicum pubescens) chillies left from our bumper Autumn harvest. Surprisingly as they are such juicy chillies, the rocoto have stored very well indeed in the top of the fridge door. It seems like a special recipe is in order. How to preserve them and make those precious last chillies count? Today … Continue reading Sweet Chillies for Valentine’s Day
  • Hot Chilli Glazed Ham
    Hmm, first question of the day, what to do with the final jar of last year’s marmalade? Next question…can I use it with chilli? Well, bake a ham is the simple answer. So what will we need? a ham, a good smokey fella. We always go big when cooking a ham as it lasts for … Continue reading Hot Chilli Glazed Ham
  • Gochujang
    Korean fermented chilli paste We’ve been waiting for a rainy day to attempt this. After surprising each other with Onggi for Christmas it feels like the time is right to attempt Gochujang. Err, Onggi? A Korean earthenware pot. They’ve been made pretty much the same way for about 5,000 years or so. If it ain’t … Continue reading Gochujang
  • Chilli mussels
    Mussels are a firm family fave at The Birdhouse. We eat them as a treat meal…cheap meal…a pescatarian meal (yes, well, one of the birds of The Birdhouse is mostly veggie)…a one pot meal…a quick meal…and a healthy meal. Today’s dinner is Thai mussels served with fermented chilli sourdough. The ingredients are store cupboard items, … Continue reading Chilli mussels
  • Chilly chilli bread
    It’s darn cold here in the UK right now. Not necessarily the darkest depths of double digit negatives but it is colder than we’re used to and snow is forecast. Keeping the north side of our house warm in temperatures like this can be a challenge. A key heating strategy is cooking, especially in the … Continue reading Chilly chilli bread